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Dumi Gumbi
DIRECTORS: Jafta Mamabolo, Ralph Ziman

FREEDOM follows the journey of Freedom, a disillusioned and desperate university student, clinging to an impossible existence in inner-city Johannesburg. Burdened by the weight of expectation and pretence, Freedom pawns his coveted text books to an amoral loan-shark, ALINA, in order to find money to write his exams whilst at the same time taking care of his rural family. But Freedom has a change of mind and returns to Alina to buy back his beloved books. When she shortchanges Freedom an argument ensues and he accidentally murders her. When he searches Alina’s flat for his books, Freedom discovers and steals a stash money.

Tormented by guilt and conflict, Freedom starts to lose his sanity as he roams the city streets and bars in an attempt to find absolution. Hope comes in the form of SONIA, a former student friend recently turned prostitute. In Freedom’s disjointed mind, if he can save Sonia from a life of hardship he will inevitably redeem himself. But Johannesburg is a city that does not let you go so easily, life is a vicious cycle, and despite his noble efforts and unattainable love for Sonia, Freedom’s fate is destined to a tragic ending.