About Us

The Ergo Company is a film studio focused on strictly commercially genre driven South African feature films, generated through a customer value proposition (CVP) in order to monetize the creative economy.
The universal appeal of film is achieved through excellence in storytelling, production quality and highly marketable box–office proven genres. At the heart of our innovative strategy lies great story, which is strategically translated by a stakeholder-driven green lighting process.
Our aim is to build a content studio with a global reach that has capacity to manage risks of development, production and distribution in order to focus on monetization and strong profit margins.

The Ergo Company has a disciplined focus on making four feature films a year, with average budgets of 6 million ZAR, with the intent to control distribution and associated platforms. The company’s strategic intent is to return the investment on all its film projects locally as well as through exploitation of secondary markets across the globe.


An independent, vertically integrated South African studio hub offering an alternative way of producing and exploiting high-production value, commercially driven content that is low budget, target-market driven and uniquely South African focusing on multi-window distribution.


To deliver world-class, proudly African content that always challenges creative and technical benchmarks, content which enthrals South African audiences that can travel across the continent and the globe in a convergent market from a vertically integrated highly profitable studio.
Dumi Gumbi
Dumi is an award-winning producer and consultant in the creative media industries, focusing on Film & TV, and Consumer-Marketing.

Cati Weinek
Producer of popular, prize-winning film and television content, Cati  understands how to use budgets for the ultimate purpose of making beautiful content that resonates with audiences with an eye for a return on investment.

Bruce McLaren-Lyall
An innovative editor, visual storyteller and post production specialist, with a keen interest in new film technologies.
Executive Director
"I find it easier to just do the work."